11 Clear Signs He Likes You After Your First Date

It’s relatively easy to find out a guy’s feelings for you. Men can’t really hide how they feel about you, especially if you know where to look. And with that being said, another early sign that he’s falling for you is by how much attention he pays to the details of your life. It might not seem a lot to some, but it’s his way of showing that you mean a lot to him and he’s starting to develop strong feelings.

He’ll just really want to win you over and will put in the effort to do so as long as you show at least some interest. He’ll seem relaxed, he’ll make eye contact with you, and he’ll smile. You should never ask yourself after meeting a guy if you should text him or make the first move. If he’s into you, he will find you and he will ask you out. The most important thing to know is that men show how they feel through actions more than words.

He always wants to be surrounded by this new feeling of love and around the person who makes him feel more confident. A Taurus man will act boisterous and flirty when he is not really that interested in you. However, he will act shy and avoid eye contact when he is falling for you. He will pretend to talk to other people when you are talking. This is just his method of trying to find out if you are interested in him and whether he can make a move without getting hurt. A Taurus guy’s attempts at getting a woman’s love are nothing short of super charming.

clear signs he wants to date you exclusively

Or he smiles a lot around you—that warm, intimate type of smile that reaches his eyes? Laughter and smiling are ways of establishing connection, rapport, and intimacy with others. Are they texting you regularly and always keeping in touch? “Communication consistency is a great indicator of interest,” Battle says. “Someone who is truly interested in you will not disappear for long stretches of time only to reappear with no explanation.” When you’re in a group situation, he still finds a way to make small moments with you, whether by asking you direct questions or just always responding to the things you say.

How do you know if a guy is genuinely interested?

For him to make a move like that, there has to be something driving it. Perhaps a giant step like trying to kiss you is his big show of the feeling he has for you that you’ve simply missed. How to get out of the friend zonecan be challenging, and sometimes a big move is needed to make it totally clear. If a guy makes continuous eye contact with you while you’re having a conversation, it’s a great sign he’s interested in you. He might listen to you if he’s just nice, but you’ll find his eyes drift off more frequently.

You see, when people start to fall in love, there’s excitement and exhilaration. If he wasn’t falling for you, those little tidbits of information would go unnoticed, but because he’s hanging onto your every word he can’t help but soak it all in. You can’t get enough of each other, and the jokes you share is a way to tease each other, have fun, and flirt – all things that create a bond of more than just friendship. Going back to the hero instinct, if your man truly is in the early stages of love, he’ll feel a great desire to protect you. After all, when women start falling for someone we naturally turn to our friends process our emotions, and most men do the same.

The guy from the flight approached me again on his way out and asked me if everything was fine. I told him I had to wait for at least an hour for my brother-in-law, and he decided to stay and wait with me. Yes, he liked me, and even if we didn’t end up in a serious relationship, it was still an obvious sign he liked me at that moment. When a guy likes you and wants a relationship with you, he will find a way to sneak stuff like that into a conversation.

Women aren’t the only ones that get confused with their feelings. When he seems like he’s hiding something, he doesn’t want you to find out he likes you. He’s probably still unsure of your feelings towards him, and he doesn’t want to be left embarrassed if you find out too soon. Until he’s confident he has a good chance with you, he’ll act like he’s hiding something. He’s uncomfortable with the thought of losing you and, thus, he acts subdued in his approach.

Even if it calls for him to go out of his comfort zone or change his behavior, the Taurus guy will be ready to do all this for the woman he loves. Once you get past this awkward phase, and as he gets comfortable, he will open up to you and share his deepest thoughts, hopes, and desires with you. Taurus men may seem standoffish, but they are really kind and nice. He isn’t quick to jump in – because this means a lot to him. Instead of playing games or just waiting, make sure that you give him signs that you are interested in him as much as he is. If you do so, he will be more comfortable revealing his feelings.

Rather than taking each date one at a time, he is sure he likes you enough to assume that he’s going to still be in the picture weeks or months down the line. Moving from dating into being exclusive can be a confusing time and you want to know where you stand. In fact, he even remembers your opinions on different topics their website and doesn’t forget to mention them and show respect. It shouldn’t be, but somehow most of us are glued to our phones for the better part of our free time. He often passes by your desk and asks silly questions; he even sends you funny memes, TikTok videos, or tags you in random posts you might be interested in.

Especially note this sign if he stores all those little details about yourself in his mind. If he remembers that you love salted chocolate and how you take your Starbucks, he likes you. If he also remembers things like the name of your dog and where you grew up, that’s an even better sign.

You might hear all about how good you look, how funny you are, or how fun you are to be around. When a guy likes you, he often can’t stop himself from giving out compliments. Take these at face-value, and try to compliment him back so he knows you like him, too. So, some men might be particularly proactive about showing they like a girl. In general, whether over text or in person, notice if he is trying to keep conversations going with you.

Enjoy the feeling – this is just a glimpse of what he is when he falls in love. This sun sign is known for its indulgence in physical and sensual pleasure. He will even find excuses to shower physical affection on you. He will constantly hold your hand in public and massage your shoulders. Of course, he is quite shy, so it may take him a few attempts to build up his courage to make the first move.

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